The gift of Love

The gift of Love

When you are choosing your gifts, you want to choose a gift with love. So why not pick one that was made with love? In a world that churns out cheap, mass-produced items, trying to find something truly unique and made with care may seem difficult. However, the crafting world is seeing a revival as more and more artists are able to sell their products through sites like Etsy or through their own website. If you are still on the fence, here are our top five reasons why you should go handcrafted for your next gift.


Reflects a Creative Spirit

When you buy handcrafted, you know you are buying something made by someone who actually enjoys crafting! The positive energy is reflected in the creation. Consumers are willing to pay up to 17% for something that is handcrafted because the feeling of creativity and love permeates into the product. Even though the buyer might not know the individual creator, they still feel connected to that sense of creativity and love.


Made right here

Too many products now are made overseas, with no guarantee that the producer is making a fair wage and working under decent conditions. We want to see complete transparency by the maker; where they got their materials, where they work, how they work, and who is behind the creation. By buying straight from the artist, we can rest easy knowing that we are not purchasing a product that has violated human rights.


Supports the local economy

We as consumers are showing a preference for wanting things made on a “human scale” rather than mass-produced. We want things made in small batches, made by real people. One of these benefits of supporting small businesses is that these local artists will spend the money they earn right back in their community! The artisan economy is estimated to bring in $32 billion annually. This money goes right back to the people, instead of a big corporation. If you practice “mindful spending”, this means that you carefully consider each dollar you spend. And if this is the case, by supporting a local artist you are able to ensure that your dollar is going straight back into helping the local economy.



The artist creating their product is putting their name and reputation on the line every time they sell a product. What they are selling becomes much more than a product to them, it is something they spent hours planning and then creating. Even though the finished product is pricier or more expensive than mass-produced goods, every extra penny is well-spent. The handmade good is created with love and thought and that shows in the final design.


Environmentally Friendly

Handcrafted goods are often more environmentally friendly because they aren’t produced by a machine in a huge factory. The amount of chemicals and waste created is greatly decreased and many times artists reuse or recycle materials in their goods. Instead of having to replace the cheap quality, mass-produced items when they inevitably wear out, you can instead buy one high-quality handmade one that will last for years, reducing your trash output.  


Comparing a mass-produced product to a handcrafted one is impossible. The difference in quality and uniqueness is seen as soon as you pick up the creation. Because of this, handmade crafts are making a comeback. No matter what your reasons are, choose an authentic gift made with care and love to truly surprise your loved one.

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