The Mother of all Holidays

The Mother of all Holidays

Mother’s Day in the United States is just around the corner! Sunday, May 13 is the day we show our love and affection to the women in our lives that have cared and nurtured us through our highs and lows. Your mother, or the maternal figure in your life, is completely unique and deserves a gift that showcases how special she is! This year, you should think outside the box and go beyond the ordinary flowers and perfume gifts. Obviously, you can’t buy her love, but giving her a thoughtful gift is the next best thing!


Terrarium Necklace

Flowers for Mother’s Day are so overdone, so instead give her a Terrarium Necklace. This cute necklace is a small world in a bottle. The self-contained indoor garden is completely original and unique and is perfect for the mother who connects with nature.


Gratitude Book

The “I Love You, Mom” book will require you to put more work into it, but this will really showcase your love for the maternal figure in your life. This precious keepsake is full of prompts that nudge you towards remembering the best times with her as you write her best qualities. The memory book is sure to bring on the waterworks!


Tea Pourer and Bowl

Turn teatime into something special with this beautiful “tea-for-one” milk pourer and sugar set. The gorgeous pink shell set is a beautiful gift that is handmade in the United Kingdom. Perfect for an afternoon snuggled up with her favorite book, this tea set will make her feel like royalty.


Happiness Planner

Your mom spends every day thinking about others, so why not give her a gift that makes her stop and reflect on her own happiness. A Happiness Planner can inspire your mom to live her best life and refocus on herself and happiness. The planner can help you retrain your brain to be more positive and understand yourself better.


Handmade Scrabble

For the mom who knows her worth, a handmade scrabble tile art is the perfect gift for her. Handcrafted in the United Kingdom, the tile art says it all with a clean design that is sure to fit perfectly in your mom’s home! Cute and one-of-a-kind, this gift is great for mothers who love to Scrabble or play word games with their kids.


Take your rightful place as the favorite kid this year with a thoughtful gift. Show your mother, or mother-figure in your life,the love she deserves with a truly one-of-a-kind gift that demonstrates your love for her.

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