5 reasons To Support Small Businesses

5 reasons To Support Small Businesses

Small businesses are the hidden backbone of the economy. There are more than 5.7 million private sector businesses at the start of 2017, and the number is growing every year. With huge companies like Amazon, Apple, and H&M, it can be hard at times for the “little guys” to find their place in a crowded market.

We have put together our top reasons for why you skip the major retailers this week and instead, shop locally.


  • Small Businesses Create More Jobs


When you buy from a mom-and-pop, you’re helping a local stay earn revenue and stay profitable. As time goes on, the hope is that a growing small business can afford to hire on new employees, which can help to reduce unemployment rates in your area.

Local First Arizona, a nonprofit in the United States, found that if a community of 500,000 people shopped at small businesses, they could create £41.55 million (USD 53 million) in jobs. Think about how much this could change the lives of people in your community.


  • Small Business Create Innovation


It should come without saying by new businesses are regularly coming up with innovative products. If you aren’t working in a huge corporation, small business owners are able to put their creative juices into their own ideas and create new products.

Innovation brings new products and ways of doing things, making your lives and others more comfortable. Without the entrepreneurial spirit of a small business owner, we would be missing many of our favorite products like rideshare programs, fitness apps, personal computers and your iPhone.


  • Money Back in the Community


Not only does it build up the economy in general, but that money will also go right back into the community. As residents with a stake in their community, small businesses tend to give a higher percentage of their revenue to their communities than national chains.


  • Better Customer Service


A business owner has their hand in everything, from design to sales, to customer support. When you buy from a small business owner, the chances of receiving excellent customer support increases. What sets apart a business from others is how well they are willing to treat their customers.

With a smaller clientele base, it is vital that small business owners keep their customers happy. While you might pay a little bit more or can’t find everything that you want in a smaller shop, it can be worth it to build a relationship with an owner. Local business owners care about getting repeat customers and often will anticipate your needs and ensure that you are happy and stay happy.


  • You Receive a Great Product


You can spend your money happily knowing that you have helped your local community and received a great product in the process. Small business owners will strive to get you the best product and don’t want to put their name on a poor-quality product.

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