8 Words in Scrabble To Boost Your Score

8 Words in Scrabble To Boost Your Score

Welcome to #TileTipThursday, the first in our series of how to make you a better Scrabble player. If you are tired of losing to your opponent and want to wipe the smug off their face, then, put an end to it with our helpful hints.


Since there are more than 100,000 playable words in the Scrabble dictionary, you don’t have a chance of memorizing them all.  However, we’ve found a quicker way to boost your score! Learn these eight words to stun and awe your opponent when your skill and score suddenly increase overnight.


Quixotic adj. extremely idealistic; unrealistic and impractical


This word includes two challenging to use the letters “Q” and “X.” If you can get rid of both of these letters at once, you are looking at a great score! In Scrabble, there are many ways you can earn a huge bonus, but one way is through the coveted “Bingo,” which is when you are able to use all seven tiles in one turn. Quixotic achieves that goal, and you can get you a whopping 76 points!


Maximize v. make as large or great as possible


Maximize is another 7 letter word that gets you that 50 point Bingo bonus! It also helps you get rid of the tricky letters “X” and “Z.” You can boost your score quickly by 78 points when you play this word!


Jukebox — n. a machine that automatically plays a selected musical recording when a coin is inserted.


Jukeboxes may be nearly obsolete in the real world, but in the Scrabble world, this word still has relevance. This 7 letter word can get you 77 points, thanks to that big Bingo bonus.


Whizbang — n. a resounding success


Whizbang is a great word to have in your arsenal because you can build off of previously played letters. If there is “bang” on the board, simply add “whiz” in front to walk away with another 28 points.


Qat n. a flowering plant native to Africa


Qat (also spelled kwat) can save your Scrabble board. If you are stuck with a “Q” but no “U,” you can use this handy three-letter word can get you up to 12 points, as the rare letter “Q” that is worth 10 points.


Aalii n. a bushy shrub found in Australia, Hawaii, Africa, and tropical America


If you find your hand full of only vowels, this useful word can help you dump four vowels quickly. Aalii is only worth five points, but it can help clear your hand for higher point tiles and consonants.


Qi n. the vital life force that flows through the body


Even if you aren’t familiar with acupuncture (which helps regulate qi), you should become familiar with “qi”. This handy two-letter word is perfect for adding an easy 11 points to your score.


Crwthn. a Welsh name for an ancient Celtic instrument that is similar to a violin.

No vowels? No problem! Crwth is a great word to keep in your back pocket if ever you find yourself without a single vowel. Your opponents might question whether it is actually a word, but this vowel-free word is legal and worth 13 points!


If you are tired of losing in Scrabble, take the time to memorize this short list. Just remember that proper nouns, abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes standing alone, words requiring a hyphen or an apostrophe are never allowed in gameplay. Join us next Thursday for our top five strategies of how to win consistently at Scrabble.


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