Celebrities Who Love Scrabble

Celebrities Who Love Scrabble

Scrabble came into our lives 80 years ago and has since been sold in 29 different languages in more than 120 games. It is the biggest-selling word game, and it is beloved by millions throughout the world.


Not only is it beloved by “normal” people, but celebrities do too! We have done some detective work and figured out just who loves Scrabble as much as we do. Many celebrities have also given Scrabble a shout out in pop culture. Some of the people on the list might surprise you.


Pop Culture References


Sting is allegedly a huge Scrabble fan. On his Ten Summoner’s Tales album, in the song “Seven Days,” Sting sings, “IQ is no problem here; we won’t be playing Scrabble for her hand, I fear.”


Kylie Minogue

The Australian-British singer and actress is another Scrabble lover. In the song, “Your Disco Needs You,” on her Light Years album, Kylie warbles, “Desperately seeking someone willing to travel; You’re lost in conversation and useless at Scrabble.”

Celebrities Who Love Scrabble


Barack Obama

The former President of the United States was a huge scrabble lover. According to his communications director, Robert Gibbs, “It’s his favourite game to play. He’ll play with his family and particularly his sister. And the winner gets bragging rights for a long, long time.”


Richard Nixon

Loving to play scrabble seems to be a favorite pastime of presidents. Richard Nixon regularly played in the White House. Rumor has it that Hillary and Bill Clinton also enjoyed a Scrabble game every now and then.


Mel Gibson

While he isn’t exactly known for being the best guy anymore, apparently Mel Gibson is known for his love of Scrabble. The German film director Roland Emmerich, who worked with Gibson on the set of The Patriot, said, “He’s very accommodating. He is always on the set playing Scrabble in the back. When we need him, he drops his Scrabble pieces and comes running.”


Vladimir Nabokov

One of the first celebrity Scrabble lovers, the author of Lolita loved wordplay. He loved it so much that the main character in his novel Ada is a fantastic Scrabble player.

Queen Elizabeth II

Her Royal Highness apparently loves Scrabble more than us! And what might surprise you, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge fight over Scrabble. In the documentary, “Our Queen,” it was revealed that “when they play Scrabble they don’t usually finish a game because somebody got in a mood and slammed it shut.” Sounds like game night at many households!!


Celebrities… they’re just like us! Tonight, crack up the Scrabble board for a night of fun.


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