Scrabble Hints: Three-Letter J Words

If you are a devote Scrabble player, you know that there is only one “J” tile in the Scrabble bag and it is worthy a hefty 8 points. If you are lucky enough to draw it, you better have something great up your sleeve to take advantage of these points!

For this #TileTipThursday, we have included our top tips for the “J” tile so you can score big and bet your opponent! We have even included the definitions for you so even if your opponent questions you, you are ready with the definition.

Short Words with J

AJI — n. A type of chili pepper

Aji can spice up your score with a hot 10 points. If you add an “S” for the plural ajis, you could score 11.

HAJ — n. The muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that takes place in the last month of the year, and it is expected

Haj can get you 13 points and is the alternate of hadj. The words hajes, hadjes, haji, hajis are the extended version of haj and can get you even points!

JOW n. The ringing, tolling, or sound of a bell

This word will ring you in a nice 13 points. You can also add a few letters to increase your score. Legal words include jows, jowed, and jowing.

JUNn. A monetary unit of North Korea.

This word may be worth only about one-hundredth of a won, but it was 10 points in a Scrabble game. You can also use “junta and juntas” for added points.

TAJ n. A tall conical cap that was worn by a dervish or a crown worn by an Indian prince of high rank.

Getting rid of just these three tiles can get you 10 extra points. You can also add “es” to make “tajes” to get 12 points.

JUS n. A thin gravy or sauce made from meat juices, especially used in French cuisine

10 points will be coming your way once you play “JUS”. Victory will taste just as sweet!

Words That You Already Know:

Don’t forget about the following words are short and simple words that use “J”:


  • Jaw (jaws, jawed, jawing)
  • Jar (jars, jarred jarring, ajar)
  • Jam (jams, jammed, ajmming, jammer, jammers)
  • Jag (jags, jagged, jagging, jagger, jaggers)
  • Jab (jabs, jabbed, jabbing, jabber, jabbers)
  • Jay (jays)
  • Jet (jetted, jetting, ramjet, rets)
  • Job (jobs, jobbed, jobbing, jobber, jobbers)
  • Joe (joes, joey, joeys)
  • Jug (jugs, jugged, jugging, juggle, juggler, jugglers, juggles, juggled, juggling)
  • Jut
  • Joy

Bonus Tip: Double Play That J

Try and take advantage of the J and use it twice. Sometimes, you can use a J in a corner and play it with a two-letter word like JA (yes) or JO (a sweetheart) in the same play.

These tips will help boost your score and get rid of the high point tiled card “J”.

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