Three-Letter “X” Words

Three-Letter “X” Words

Drawing an “X” out of the pile can be a terrible feeling. Worth eight points, it can make or break your game. To help you get rid of the tricky “X”, we have made a list of legal words you can use. As always, we have included the definition so if your opponent can’t overrule you.


Words You Should Know


  • Axe (10 points) – a tool to chop wood
  • Box (12 points) – a container
  • Fax (13 points) – an image of a document transmitted as data by telecommunication links
  • Fix (13 points) – fasten securely in a particular position
  • Fox (13 points) – a carnivorous mammal of the dog family
  • Hex (13 points) – to cast a spell on; bewitch
  • Sax (10 points) – saxophone
  • Six (10 points) – a number
  • Tax (10 points) – a tariff or excise to a government
  • Tux (10 points) – tuxedo


Words To Learn


Cox n. Short for coxswain which is the steersman of a boat


Cox can steer you into 12 additional points, which isn’t bad for a small three-letter word.


Dex n. Short for dexedrine. Plural noun is dexes


While you might not know what dexedrine is, it will give you 11 points!


Gox n. Gaseous oxygen


Worth 11 points, it can help raise up your score.


Kex n. The dry, usually hollow stem or stalk of various plants


A whooping 14 points is coming your way if you can play this 3-letter word.


Pax n. From the Christian Church, the kiss of peace


Even though this is a historical word, this word hasn’t gone out of style in Scrabble and is worth 12 points.


Pix n. Pictures, especially photographs


It might seem like a made up slang word, but pix can get you 12 points.


Rax v. To pass or give with the outstretched hand.


Rax yourself 10 points when you play this word


Rex n. The reigning king


No, this isn’t part of a dinosaur name, but it can get you 10 points.


Xis n. The fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet


An easy 10 points are coming your way if you can remember your Greek alphabet.


Zax n.  A tool similar to a hatchet


With just three letters, you can get 19 points added to your score. And, you can get rid of the difficult “Z” and “X”. This is definitely a word you want to remember!


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