#TileTipThursday 2 Letter Words

#TileTipThursday 2 Letter Words

Sometimes, your tile rack is not in your favor. But even a two letter-word can help you out and clear out your rack and get you at least a few points. They can help get you out of a tough spot and on to hopefully bigger and better things.

For this #TileTipThursday, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite 2 letter words out of the more than 100 two-letter legal Scrabble words that can be played. By learning this list of words, you can elevate your game from a casual game to a more competitive level. Short words are a strategic move to make, even though it may seem like you aren’t adding many points to your score.

There are tons of situations where these two letters can be added to existing words which can lead to some big scores. At the end of the game, there might not be a lot of space open on the board so it can allow you to still add to your score. Knowing short words can also help you to play defensively, meaning you can score a few points without giving your opponent the chance to play tiles for high points.

To add to your strategic repertoire, memorize the following words. It might have seemed like there was no room to play a word, but these small two-letter words are able to sneak in there to get you points. It is even possible to get a two-letter word on a bonus square meaning more points for you and fewer opportunities for your opponent! We have also included definitions so if your opponent challenges you, you are ready with the definitions.

Two-Letter Words

Here are just a few examples of 2-letter words that you can use in your next match. If you

Aan. rough jagged lava found in Hawaiian volcanoes

Abn. an abdominal muscle

Arn. the letter “R”

Emn. a printer’s measure

Esn. the letter “S”

Ion. a cry of joy

Oi n. a New Zealand bird, petrel

Os n. a bone

Oun. a bloke

Utn. a musical note

It is important to remember that it is easy to get an extra point by adding “S.” About 75% of all the two-letter words can be turned plural!

Two-Letter Words With No Vowels

At the end of the game, it is unfortunately very common to be stuck with no vowels at all, or have just a few. Therefore, it is vital that you know at least a few of these two-letter words without vowels, saving you from having to pass or turn in letters.

Ch — n. short for chapters

Fy — suffix. meaning to “make,” “cause to be,” “render”

Hm — interjection. Expressing thoughtful consideration

Ky — n. cows

Ny — v. to approach

Mm — interjection. exclamation of satisfaction

Sh — interjection. requesting silence

St — n. an exclamation of impatience

High Point Value 2-Letter Words

These eight words use some of the tiles with higher point values, so they can be useful in a tight situation and allow you to still cash in some points.

Jo — n. a sweetheart

Ka — v. to serve

Ki or Qi n. the vital life force that flows through the body

Ex — preposition without; excluding

Xi — n. the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet

Xu — n. A monetary unit of Vietnam

Za — n. short for pizza (Who else had no clue this was a real word?!?)

The following can be made plural: Kas, kis, qis, and zas

Hopefully, these words can help you boost your score next time you play! If you love to Scrabble as much as we do, consider decorating your game room with our adorable homemade Scrabble tile decor. Check it out here.

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