Halloween Edition

Halloween Edition

It is nearly that time of year! When everything gets a little bit more spooky and dark … it is Halloween! Now, this is my favorite time of the year. People dressing up in clever costumes, hot apple cider, and the crisp fall air is just perfect. Halloween is just around the corner, and if you are still struggling on what to wear, we have come up with some Scrabble-themed ideas for you!


Tiled Costumes

Scrabble tiles.  Bonus challenge: Use Hebrew letters and spell out a Hebrew word with your friends and/or family!

If you need a group customer that is work or school friendly, try dressing up as Scrabble tiles! Simple to make, it can be an easy way to make a costume last minute without having to spend tons of time or money. Bonus points if you can spell out a word.

Themed Family Costumes

This family went all out! If your family loves game night, consider a game themed family costumes idea. The mom did make all the costumes herself, but if you check out her blog, she does include an easy-to-follow tutorial. If you start now, you can make a memorable Halloween for you and your family or friends!

Interactive Costumes 

This costume takes Scrabble and takes it to the next level! She not only created a Scrabble-themed dress, she actually made it interactive. Bravo to her for this creative idea! She glues tiles with small pieces of Velcro so they could be placed on her dress. The entire evening, she walked around with extra letters in a tiny black bag and had the other party-goers pull seven letters out of the bag and build words on the board. It was a huge hit! For more information on how she did it, check out her blog here.


Gender Reveal 

DIY Scrabble Costume - easy Halloween costume anyone can make!


Gender reveal parties are all the rage, and if you want you can coordinate your gender reveal with your Halloween Party! Last year, she put together a costume in just 30 minutes for a fun Scrabble-themed gender reveal that was work-friendly! Even when she took off the big cardboard part of the ensemble, she stayed on theme by including mini Scrabble letters on her growing belly to keep the costume going! Read how she did it here.


Game Time!

It wouldn’t be a fun night without a little bit of Scrabble thrown in there. Try to spook up the usual game by only using Halloween-related words. Words like witch, tomb, ghost, scare, haunt, and more are all fair game!


Incorporate a little bit of Scrabble into your costume this year and have a Happy Halloween!




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