Why Scrabble is Good for Your Mental Health

Why Scrabble is Good for Your Mental Health

Today is World Mental Health Day. This day is an opportunity for all of us to work on mental health issues and to reach out those who may need help. Studies have shown that more and more children and young adults especially are struggling with mental illnesses. Feelings of isolation, depression, thoughts of suicide, eating disorders, and other mental illnesses are cropping up too often.  Half of all mental illness begins by the age of 14, and unfortunately, most cases will go undetected and untreated.

If you have young children in your home, a simple way to fight off mental illness is through family board game nights. While this is not the answer to everything, it can have surprising benefits. Here are our top reasons why you should incorporate a round of Scrabble with your family.


Scrabble Can Help with Cognitive and Social Development

Game night shouldn’t just be a fun time; it can also teach your children (or even you!) vital social lessons. Pulling out the Scrabble board and playing a round can teach you how to follow the rules, take turns, and share with others. By playing games with others and even children, you can positively reinforce social skills and help children and you lead happier healthier lives.

Not only is playing a round of Scrabble good for reducing feelings of isolation, but it can also help build and support cognitive skills. After all, those Scrabble tiles don’t add themselves up! It also teaches strategy because you continuously have to be reassessing the board and your rack.


Scrabble Can Reduce Isolation

Of course, you can play Scrabble online nowadays, but in order to get this benefit, you should be gathering friends and family in person to play some Scrabble. If you are lucky enough to have a regular group of friends who love Scrabble as much as you, take advantage! It can help reduce feelings of loneliness, build positive relationships. All of this can help boost your mental health!

According to WHO, isolation is one of the most serious problems facing those with mental health issues. For those who are suffering, it can be extremely difficult to make new friends. However, finding a board game group can be an easy way to meet new friends. The structure and distraction of the game is an excellent way to ease your way into new friendships. Do a quick Google search online for Board Game cafes or themed nights at breweries. Many times there are tons of events out there for you to find and all you have to do is turn up and join a game. If this might be too much for you, you can find games online that you can join with others.


Scrabble Can Reduce Stress

While it might not seem like it at the time of a high-stakes game, studies have shown that playing games can reduce stress and support mental balance. Playing Scrabble can help you to escape from the real world for an hour or two, leaving behind all your worries while you concentrate on getting the most points.


If you do find yourself struggling, remember you are not alone! Reach out for help to either a caring friend, family member or a healthcare professional. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevention of mental health can begin with a better understanding. Teach your children and family members to build mental resilience from a young age so they can better handle and manage mental illness as they grow older. 

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