Tile Tips: The Letter Z

Tile Tips: The Letter Z

When you pull that tile Z from the bag, it can help make or break your game. The tile is worth a hefty 10 points, so it can really help boost your score. You don’t want that tile to go to waste, so make sure you are prepared. You can further boost the power of that Z by playing it on a double or triple score.  We have a list of our top three letter Z words that you should memorize. Remember, the definition of the words isn’t incredibly important if you want to be a competitive Scrabble player it is better to learn lists of words without meanings. However, we have included the definitions here in case your opponent challenges you, you can be ready with the definition!


Three Letter Scrabble Z Words

Adz n. a tool similar to an ax used to cut wood – 13 points

Azo n. compounds having nitrogen variously combined – 12 points

Biz n. an occupation or line of work – 14 points

Coz n. an archaic word for cousin – 14 points

Dzo n. a hybrid of a cow and a yak – 13 points

Fez n. A flat-topped red hat with a black tassel on top – 15 points

Fiz verb. an alternative of fizz; produce bubbles of gas – 15 points

Lez n. a lesbian – 12 points

Rez n. A North American Indian reserve or reservation – 12 points

Sez verb an alternative spelling of “says”; “to speak” – 12 points

Wiz n. someone who is dazzlingly skilled – 15 points

Zag verb make a sharp change of direction – 13 points

Zap verb destroy or obliterate – 14 points

Zax n. a tool similar to a hatchet – 19 points

Zed n. The letter Z – 12 points

Zee n. Once again, the letter Z! – 13 points

Zek n. a prisoner at a Soviet prison – 16 points

Zho n. a variant of dzo, a hybrid yak – 15 points

Zig verb make a sharp change of direction – 13 points

Zin n. zinfandel wine – 12 points

Zip verb to move quickly – 14 points

Zit n. to move quickly – 14 points

Zoa n. animals of a specified kind – 12 points

Zoo n. an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals – 12 points


Some of these words can significantly increase your Scrabble score. Memorize a few of these words to get a win next time against your opponent.

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