Vowel Heavy 5-Letter Words

Vowel Heavy 5-Letter Words

You pull out your tiles and see that you have almost all vowels and just one or two consonants. You don’t want to be stuck with writing small words that won’t get you many points, and you might not want to trade in your tiles and lose a turn. So what can you do?

To become a competitive Scrabble player, you should try to memorize as many lists of words as possible, such as 3-letter words that start with the 10-point “Z” tile, or lists of words that have no vowels at all. However, if you find yourself with all vowels, for this #TileTipThursday, here are some words that are extremely vowel heavy (uses at least four vowels or more).

Vowel Heavy Words

Aalii n. a bushy shrub found in Hawaii

Adieu n. a goodbye

Aecia n. plural of aecium; a cuplike structure of some rust fungi

Aerie n. a large nest of a bird of prey, especially an eagle, usually built high in a tree or cliff

Aioli n. mayonnaise seasoned with garlic

Aquae n. plural or aqua; water, or a light-blue color

Areae n. plural of area; a surface, especially an open, unoccupied piece of ground

Audio n. a sound recording

Aurae n. alternate plural of aura; the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround a person, thing, r place

Aurei n. plural of aureus; gold coin of Ancient Rome

Cooee n. Australian and New Zealand English as slang for “within a manageable distance”

Eerie adj. strange and frightening

Looie n. short for lieutenant

Louie n. alternative for looie; short for lieutenant

Miaou verb. alternative of meow

Oidia n. plural of oidium; a type of fungal spore

Oorie adj. alternative of ourie; chiefly Scottish word meaning depressing, dismal

Ourie adj. alternative of oorie; chiefly Scottish word meaning depressing, dismal

Queue n. a line of people or vehicles

Uraei n. plural of uraeus; an Egyptian representation of a sacred serpent as an emblem of supreme power,

Zoeae n. plural of zoea; a larval form of certain crustaceans, such as the crab

Using these words can help boost your score and give you the long-awaited victory. To reward yourself, check out our line of cute handmade Scrabble gifts and reward yourself with something special!

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