Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday

Happy Thanksgiving to our customers living in the United States! Today is a day for family, eating more turkey than necessary, and football. However, tomorrow is a holiday that has almost overshadowed the family holiday of Thanksgiving. For those who don’t know, Black Friday is tomorrow and that means shopping the sales. Even though it started as an American holiday, it has now spread over to this side of the ocean. Since it was first introduced in the UK in 2010, billions have been spent and it is sure that this year’s event will be just as popular.

However, also started in 2010 is Small Business Saturday and if you haven’t heard about it, we urge you to take a few minutes to learn about it. Essentially, it was created to encourage consumers to shop in small, local stores rather than big national chains or big box stores.

While retailers do see sale increase during Small Business Saturday, the aim of this day is to remind shoppers that these mom-and-pop stores are also there year-round. Buying from small businesses can help boost the local economy. The artisan economy brings in around $32 billion a year, and that money goes right back to the local people, instead of into the pockets of a big corporation.

Buying from small businesses, like Rujo Handmade, is incredibly important. On Black Friday, it is essential to not get swept into the cheap sales and mass-produced goods and to look for handmade goods.

In fact, buying handmade might mean you are buying a higher quality product. The artist puts their name and reputation up for scrutiny every time a customer enters their store. What the owner sells is much more than a product to them; it is something they spent hours planning and crafting. Despite the higher price tag than mass-produced goods, every extra penny spent is going to a great cause. Your new handmade good is created with love and thought, and that shows in the design.

This Saturday, support your local business and put the money back in the community!

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