#TileTipThursday 4 Letter X Words

#TileTipThursday 4 Letter X Words

As soon as you draw the X tile, what do you feel? Happy that you pulled a tile that it is worth 8 points, or full of dread because the only X word you think of is “ax?”

We have already listed out on the legal three-letter X words, but if you want to score even more points, you can dream bigger and put down four tiles at once with the letter X. By using the double or triple point squares, you can maximize the number of points you get each round. To help, for this Tile Tip Thursday, we have put together a list of legal Scrabble words that are four letters with an X.


Four Letter X Words

Apex n. the top or highest part of something

Axal adj. archaic form of axial; of or like an axis

Axed verb past tense of ax; end cancel, or dismiss suddenly

Axel n. a jump in skating

Axes n. a tool used to chop wood

Axil n. the upper angle between a leaf stalk and the trunk

Axis n. the imaginary line about which a body rotates

Axle n. a rod passing through the center of a wheel

Axon n. the long part of a nerve cell

Boxy adj. squarish in shape

Calx n. an oxide formed when a mineral has been heated

Coax v. persuade gradually

Coxa n. the hip bone or hip joint

Crux n. the decisive or most important point at issue

Dexy n. a tablet of dexedrine

Doux n. category of sweet sparkling wines

Doxy n. a lover or mistress

Eaux n. plural of eau; lighter concentrations of perfume

Exam n. a test

Exec n. an executive

Exes n. a former partner in a relationship

Exit n. a way out

Exon n. a segment of DNA or RNA

Expo n. a large exhibition

Falx n. a tool with a curved blade

Faux adj. not genuine

Fixt v. archaic spelling of fixed

Flax n. textile fiber

Flex v. bend

Flux n. the action or process of flowing or flowing out

Foxy adj. resembling a fox

Hoax n. a humorous or malicious deception

Ibex n. a wild goat

Ilex n. another term for holm oak

Ixia n. a South African plant of the iris family

Jeux n. plural of jeu; games

Jinx n. a person or thing that brings bad luck

Luxe adj. expensive

Lynx n. a wild cat

Maxi n. a skirt, dress, or coat reaching to the ankle

Minx n. an impudent, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman

Mixt v. archaic spelling of mixed

Moxa n. mugwort root

Next adj. coming immediately after

Nixe n. plural of nix; female water sprites

Nixy n. alternative of nixie; female water sprite

Oynx n. an ornamental stone

Oryx n. a type of antelope

Oxen n. plural of ox

Oxes n. alternate plural of ox

Oxid n. alternate of oxide

Oxim n. alternate of oxime

Pixy n. alternate of pixie

Prex n. alternate of prexy, president

Roux n. a mixture of fat and flour used in making sauces

Sext n. a service forming part of the Divine Office of the Western Christian Church

Sexy adj. sexually attractive or exciting

Taxa n. plural of taxon

Taxi n. short for taxicab

Text n. a book or other written or printed work

Vext n. alternate of vexed

Waxy adj. resembling wax in consistency or appearance

Xyst n. a covered portico

For all you Scrabble lovers, we hope these words help you win your next Scrabble match. Show your passion by purchasing a homemade Scrabble gift.

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