Top 5 Scrabble Apps

Top 5 Scrabble Apps

Scrabble may have been invented 80 years ago, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t stayed relevant. Apps have helped revive Scrabble and bring back the relevance, attracting a younger crowd and keeping the love from long-time players.

Both Android and Apple have created apps where lovers of Scrabble can play the tiled game. While some are a loose interpretation of the board game, it is still a great way to get your fix while you are on the go! Scrabble is also a great way to get some brain exercise in. Here are the top favorite apps you can play on your cell phone. Keep in mind some of these games aren’t free!

Scrabble Apps


If you want to play Scrabble on your phone, you might as well go with the official mobile game for the brand. While it might not be the best out there, it does have the basics such as actual game, online multiplayer, Facebook integration, and a list of legal words. It has occasional glitches and slow loading times, but it is free!

Price: Free with in-app purchases


Classic Words Solo

This Scrabble app is probably one of the more simpler games on the list because it won’t have some of the extra features you see on the other apps. However, it does have solo play mode, pass-and-play local multiplayer, and a score predictor. It is essentially the board game on mobile, without any extra bells and whistles. It does have multiple difficulty levels with tile shuffling.

Price: Free with advertising, $0.99 to remove the ads


Word With Friends 3

Initially released in July 2009, this game swept the world. This is now the third version of the game, but it is still just a popular franchise. The newest version has tons of new features such as online PvP, solo play modes, and an updated dictionary that includes pop culture words. You can play either with random players online or connect with your friends.

Price: Free with in-app purchases



Wordfeud is one of the best Scrabble games out there. Join the community of more than 30 million people playing this free game. Some of the features include randomizing the various score tiles on the board, online multiplayer, game chat and more.

Price: Free with advertising, $2.99 to remove the ads



AbbleDabble is very similar to Scrabble and Words with Friends, but with a twist. After each player’s turn, all of the bonus squares move. This adds an element of surprise and unknown to the game because it makes it impossible to map out your next move based on points because your score will always shift when the bonus squares change. Therefore, it makes you concentrate on your current turn, without having to worry about the future. If you don’t like the bonus squares move, you can opt to play the static version of the game.

Price: Free with advertising, $2.99 to remove the ads


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