Tile Tip: 4 Letter Z Words

Tile Tip: 4 Letter Z Words

Every week, you find yourself losing to opponents that you feel you have a better vocabulary than them. To really excel at Scrabble, you have to know a lot of words. Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, but my vocabulary isn’t that strong.” That’s okay! You don’t need to know the meaning of every word, you just need to know that the word exists. Take Nigel Richards, the 2018 World Scrabble Champion. A few years back, he won the French Scrabble World Championship … all without speaking a word of French! It is enough to know the spelling of the word, and that is a legal word.

The Z tile is one of the most valuable tiles out there. At 10 points a pop, you want to make sure you are using it to your advantage. We have already put together our top list of 3-letter Z words, but now for #TileTipThursday, we have put together the four-letter Z words that you should know.

Four Letter Z Words

ADZE n. a tool similar to an ax

AZAN  n. the Muslim call to ritual prayer

AZON  n. a type of bomb

BIZE  n. an alternate of bise; a cold wind

BOZO  n. a stupid or rude person, especially a man

BUZZ  n. a low continuous humming sound

CHEZ preposition at the home of

COZY adj. giving a feeling of comfort or warmth

CZAR  n. an emperor of Russia before 1917

DAZE  n. a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment

DOZE verb sleep lightly

DOZY adj. drowsy and lazy

FAZE verb to disturb someone

FIZZ verb making a buzzy or crackling sound

FOZY adj. too ripe

FRIZ verb alternate of frizz; to form into tight curls

FUTZ verb to waste time

FUZE  n. part of a military munition

FUZZ n. a fluffy or frizzy mass of hair or fiber

GAZE n. a steady intent look

GEEZ exclamation a mild phrase used to show annoyance

HAZE n. a state of mental obscurity or confusion

HAZY adj. covered by haze

IZAR n. a type of outer garment

JAZZ n. a genre of music

JEEZ exclamation a mild phrase used to show annoyance

LAZE verb spend time in a relaxed, lazy manner

LAZY adj. unwilling to work or spend energy

LUTZ n. a jump in figure skating

MAZE n. a complex network of passages or pathways

MAZY adj. like a maze, labyrinth

MEZE n. in the Mediterranean, an appetizer

MOZO n. in Spanish speaking regions, a boy or attendant

NAZI n. a member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party

OOZE verb flow in a very slow manner

OOZY adj. seeping

ORZO  n. a form of pasta that is shaped like barley or rice

OUZO n. a Greek alcoholic drink

OYEZ  n. traditional saying to open a court of law

PHIZ n. a person’s face or expression

PREZ n. short for president

PUTZ n. a stupid or worthless person

QUIZ n. a test

RAZE verb completely destroy

RAZZ verb to tease playfully

RITZ n. ostentatious luxury and glamour

SIZE n. how big something is

SIZY adj. viscid

SPAZ verb lose physical or emotional control

TZAR n. an emperor of Russia before 1917

WHIZ n. move quickly through the air with a whistling or whooshing sound

ZAGS verb make a sharp change of direction

ZANY adj. amusingly unconventional

ZAPS verb destroy or obliterate

ZARF n. an ornamental container

ZEAL n. great eagerness or enthusiasm in pursuit of a goal or objective

ZEBU n. a domesticated ox

ZEDS n. plural of the letter “Z”

ZEES n. plural of the letter “Z”

ZEIN n. a type of protein

ZEKS n. inmates in a Soviet labor camp

ZERK  n. a grease fitting

ZERO  n. nothing

ZEST n. great enthusiasm and energy

ZETA n. sixth letter of the Greek alphabet

ZIGS verb make a sharp change of direction

ZILL  n. a small metallic cymbal

ZINC n. the chemical element of atomic number 30

ZING verb move swiftly

ZIPS verb fasten with a zipper

ZITI  n. a type of pasta in the form of tubes

ZITS  n. plural of zit; a pimple on the skin

ZOEA n. larval stage of crustaceans

ZOIC suffix relating to a particular geologic era

ZONE n. a region

ZONK verb to hit or strike

ZOOM verb to move quickly

ZOON n. an animal; the sole product of single egg

ZOOS n. plural of zoo; an establishment that maintains a collection of wild animals

ZORI n. a traditional Japanese sandal similar to a flip-flop

ZYME n. an enzyme


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