Unique Christmas Gifts

Unique Christmas Gifts

You are starting to run out of time before Christmas! If you still have a few names to cross off of your list but can’t think of anything good, we have searched the internet to help find the best gifts to give this Christmas that are totally unique. Every present on our list comes from a small business or entrepreneur. By shopping small this holiday season, you can help boost the local economy and put the money back into the pockets of community members.


1.  Renee Redesigns Rose Gold Coasters

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For the person who has everything but loves to entertain, consider these gorgeous rose gold coasters. Simple but classy, they add an element of class while eliminating those unsightly water ring marks.

2. Nesting Stoneware Mixing Bowl Sets

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Need a gift for someone who doesn’t have a lot of storage space? These nesting mixing bowls are the answer. They fit comfortably inside of one another and still look beautiful when you are using them. And they serve a dual purpose – you can prepare the food in these bowls, and they are pretty enough that you can bring them straight out to the table to enjoy the yummy food. Each bowl even comes fully equipped with a little spout, so if you are pouring, it won’t make a huge mess.

3. Planet Lollipops

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Trying to find a gift for a child who already has so many toys? Each set of 10 comes in six different flavors that include cherry, cotton candy, pear, and marshmallow. These planet lollipops are a fun, consumable product you can purchase that will make quite the impression on everyone who sees them.

4. Bubble Earrings

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This quirky gift is from a small family-owned business. These bubble earrings add a pop of color and sparkings that keep the holiday season alive. They seem like little balls of candy and can be dressed up or down, and are perfect for any occasion.


5. Scrabble Tile Art 

Home Sweet Home

Now we might be a little biased, but we think Scrabble Tile Art is the perfect gift this holiday season. Made by a family-owned business in the UK, it is a great way to support local businesses. If you know a Scrabble lover, this is a great way to help them show off their favorite game.


Happy Holidays!

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