Best Word Games to Play with Your Kids

Best Word Games to Play with Your Kids

Word games are excellent to introduce to your children, even at a young age, because the games help them focus on sounds and letters. It can help them develop the necessary skills for reading, writing, and spelling. Playing the word games with your children can help not only make learning fun but also helps you to have fun with your kids. It gives you a chance to spend time together as a family, and have a fantastic time doing it! Here are some of our favorite games to play with our kids:

1. Junior Learning Spelligator Word Building
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This game helps children learn letter-sound patterns and word blends. You can practice together by stacking more titles on top of each other to see who can form the most words in the round.


2. Boggle Junior

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This game turns making words into a race against time. It is perfect for children as young as preschoolers. Children have to match the letters on the cubes to what they see on a set of cards. However, you can switch it up as you want and make up different rules as you wish. 

3. Scrabble Junior

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This classic game is geared towards younger crowds. With a slightly different set of tiles, it makes it easier for children to spell more words and learn to fall in love with Scrabble. Often times, the Scrabble Junior will even come with a version for young children that has them simply match tiles to letters printed on the board, helping them to build familiarity with the alphabet. 

4. WordARound

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On each of these round cards, a word is positioned in one continuous circle. You have to read the word faster than the opponent can. This fast-paced game tests your children’s vocabulary and can help them learn more words. The kids have just a good of a chance of winning as the adults.

5. Fletter Card Game

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Want a card game? This game is fast moving, can go anywhere, and is perfect for the entire family. It can easily be adapted to all levels of skills to help kids learn their ABCs faster. 


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