Scrabble Cheater: Mark Zuckerberg

Scrabble Cheater: Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg does not like to lose. Even though he is one of the most successful and wealthy businessman out there with a network of about £55.2 billion, he still had to cheat at Scrabble to beat a high school girl.

The founder of Facebook was on a private jet a few years ago, he played a game of Scrabble with a friend’s daughter, who was just a high school at the time. She beat him in the first game, so naturally, they had to play a rematch. Before they started the second match, he wrote a simple computer program that could quickly look up his letters in the dictionary so he could then choose from the list.

The girl told Evan Osnos in an interview with New York Magazine, “During the game in which I was playing the program, everyone around us was taking sides: Team Human and Team Machine.”

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo described Zuckerberg as a “ruthless execution machine, and if he has decided to come after you, you’re going to take a beating.”

By the time the plane landed, the program (and Zuckerberg) and a narrow lead. It is unclear if they ever finished the game, but it is clear that this program is most certainly cheating, and shows the lengths Zuckerberg will go to beat his opponents

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