#TileTipThurdsay Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Scrabble Words that start with F, G, H

#TileTipThurdsay Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Scrabble Words that start with F, G, H

Sometimes when you pull a Scrabble rack you get everything you need and see tons of options. And then other tiles, you pull only vowels. While vowels are necessary, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. If your rack is filled with mostly all vowels, remember this list.

Faerie n. a fairy (9 points)

Faunae n. the animal life of a particular region (9 points)

Feijoa n. a green edible fruit (16 points)

Feirie adj. nimble (9 points)

Feriae n. a weekday of a church calendar on which no feast is celebrated (9 points)

Flooie n. flooey (9 points)

Foodie n. an enthusiast of foods and their preparation (10 points)

Footie n. footsie (9 points)

Foveae n. a shallow anatomical depression (12 points)

Galeae n. a helmet-shaped anatomical part (7 points)  

Gateau n. a fancy cake (7 points)

Giaour n. a non-muslim (7 points)

Goalie n. a player who defends against goals (7 points)

Goatee n. a small pointed beard (7 points)

Goodie n. goody (8 points)

Gooier comparative of gooey (7 points)

Goonie n. an albatross (7 points)

Guaiac n. a medicinal resin (9 points)

Guinea n. a formerly used British coin (7 points)

Heaume n. a medieval helmet (11 points)

Heinie n. the buttocks (9 points)

Hoagie n. a long sandwich (10 points)

Hoodie n. a gray crow of Europe (10 points)

Hoodoo verb to jinx

Hoolie adj. easy; slow

Hoopoe n. a European bird (11 points)


For further help on vowel-heavy racks, check out our lists of vowel-heavy words that start with A and B&C.


For all you Scrabble lovers out there, we hope these words help you dominate your next Scrabble match. Want to take your passion a step further? Purchase a homemade Scrabble gift for yourself or a loved one.



  1. TheVirginiaNymph

    I am a word game junkie and I loved this post. It actually helped me with an ongoing game of words with friends ^_^

    • Rujo Handmade

      Glad it helped 😉 Hope you won!!


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