#TileTipThursday Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Words Part 3

#TileTipThursday Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Words Part 3

Our series on Scrabble-legal words that have at least four letters continues! This week’s #TileTipThursday post brings you words that start with D and E. To read the last two posts, check out the lists of Letter A and B & C.

Daimio n. a former Japanese nobleman (9 points)

Dautie n. a small pet (7 points)

Dearie n. darling (7 points)

Doolee n. a stretcher for the sick or wounded (7 points)

Doolie n. a stretcher for the sick or wounded (7 points)

Doozie n. an extraordinary one of its kind (16 points)

Easier comparative of easy (6 points)

Easies adj. plural of easy (6 points)

Eelier comparative of eely (6 points)

Eerier adj. weird (6 points)

Eidola n. a phantom (7 points)

Ekuele n. ekpwele (10 points)

Elodea n. an aquatic herb (7 points)

Eluate n. the material obtained by eluting (6 points)

Eluvia n. a plural of Eluvium (9 points)

Emeute n. a riot (8 points)

Eolian adj. relating to or arising from the action of the wind (6 points)

Eonian adj. of or relating to a geological eon (6 points)

Eosine n. a red dye (6 points)  

Epizoa n. plural of epizoon (17 points)

Epopee n. an epic poem (10 points)

Equate verb to make equal (15 points)

Equine n. a horse (15 points)

Etoile n. a star (6 points)

Eupnea n. normal breathing (8 points)

Eureka n. a fortunate discovery (10 points)

Euripi n. a swift sea channel (8 points)

Exodoi n. a concluding dramatic scene (14 points)

Exuvia n. the cast-off outer skin (16 points)


For all you Scrabble lovers out there, we hope these words help you dominate your next Scrabble match. Want to take your passion a step further? Purchase a homemade Scrabble gift for yourself or a loved one.


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