#TileTipThursday Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Words

#TileTipThursday Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Words

Vowels are the bread and butter of Scrabble games. Necessary for many of the more commonly-known words, they are essential to the game. However, there can be too much of a good thing, and that can happen when you pull tons of vowels out of the bag.

This list of six-letters vowel-heavy words was so long, we started with just the A words below with definitions. As always, you don’t have to know the definition of the word to play it, but we added them for your own edification. Enjoy!


Vowel Heavy Words that Start with the Letter “A”

Abasia n. a defect in muscular coordination in walking (8 points)

Abelia n. an Asian or Mexican shrub (8 points)

Abulia n. loss of willpower (8 points)

Acacia n. a flowering tree or shrub (10 points)

Acajou n. a tropical tree (15 points)

Acedia n. apathy (9 points)

Acuate adj. sharp (8 points)  

Aculei n. a sharp-pointed part (8 points)

Adagio n. a musical composition or movement played in a slow tempo (8 points)

Adieus n. a farewell (7 points)

Adieux n. a farewell (14 points)

Aecial n. pertaining to an aecium (8 points)

Aecium n. a spore-producing organ of certain fungi (10 points)

Aedile n. a magistrate of ancient Rome (7 points)

Aedine adj. pertaining to an Aedes (7 points)

Aeneus n. a figure in Greek mythology (6 points)  

Aeonic adj. lasting for an immeasurably or indefinitely long period (8 points)

Aerate verb to introduce air into (a material (6 points)  

Aerial n. an antenna (6 points)

Aeried adj. located in a very high place (7 points)

Aerier adj. a variant spelling of airy  (6 points)

Aeries adj. a plural of aery (6 points)

Aerobe n. an organism that requires oxygen to live (8 points)

Aerugo n. a green film that forms on copper (7 points)

Agapae n. a communal meal of fellowship (9 points)

Agapai n. a communal meal of fellowship (9 points)

Agorae n. a marketplace in ancient Greece

Agouti n. a burrowing rodent (7 points)

Aikido n. A Japanese art of self-defense (11 points)

Aiolis n. garlic mayonnaise (6 points)

Airier n. a frame on which to dry clothes (5 points)

Alexia n. a cerebral disorder marked by the loss of the ability to read (13 points)

Alodia n. once a medieval Nubian kingdom in what is now Central and Southern Sudan (7 points)

Alulae n. a tuft of feathers on the first digit of a bird’s wing (6 points)

Amadou n. a substance prepared from fungi for use as tinder (9 points)

Amebae n. an amoeba (10 points)

Amoeba n. a unicellular microscopic organism (10 points)

Amusia n. the inability to recognize musical sounds (8 points)

Anemia n. a disorder of the blood (8 points)

Anomie n. a collapse of the social structures governing a given society (8 points)

Anopia n. a defect in the visual field (8 points)

Anoxia n. an absence of oxygen (13 points)

Anuria n. an absence of urine (6 points)

Aortae n. a main artery (6 points)

Aoudad n. a wild sheep (8 points)

Apiece adverb for each one (10 points)

Apnoea n. temporary cessation of breathing, especially during sleep (8 points)

Apogee n. the point in the orbit of a body which is farthest from the Earth (9 points)

Areola n. a small space in a network of leaf veins (6 points)

Areole n. a small space in a network of leaf veins (6 points)

Ariosi n. a musical passage resembling an aria (6 points)

Arioso n. a musical passage resembling an aria (6 points)

Arouse verb to stimulate (6 points)  

Ataxia n. the loss of full control of bodily movements (13 points)

Aubade n. a morning song (9 points)

Aucuba n. a shrub of the dogwood family (10 points)

Augite n. a mineral (7 points)

Auntie n. aunt (6 points)

Aurate adj. having ears (6 points)

Aureus n. a gold coin of ancient Rome (6 points)

Aurora n. the rising light of the morning (6 points)

Ausubo n. a tropical tree (8 points)

Auteur n. the creator of a film (6 points)

Autoed verb to ride in an automobile (7 points)

Avenue n. a wide street (9 points)

Aviate verb to fly an aircraft

Azalea n. a flowering shrub (15 points)

Sometimes, the opposite happens and instead of all vowels, we end up with almost no vowels. If that happens, check out our list of consonant-heavy Scrabble-legal words.

For all you Scrabble lovers, we hope these words help you dominate your next Scrabble match. Want to take your passion a step further? Purchase a homemade Scrabble gift for yourself or a loved one.


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