Best Board Games for Two People to Play

Best Board Games for Two People to Play

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and if your idea of a romantic date with your significant other is a night in playing board games, then keep on reading! Here at Ruju Handmade, we love a date night that consists of our favorite games, with tons of laughter and new memories. We have compiled a list of our favorite games to play, with some classics and new games included.

  1. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

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This one on the list isn’t so much a board game, but instead a murder mystery game pack! Great for two people, this challenging game immerses you so deeply into the story, that you feel like you are a real-life detective. This game is more cooperative than competitive, so it can be a great game to bring together couples, rather than turn them against one another. For those who love puzzles and mysteries, the Sherlock Holmes game needs to make an appearance at your next couple’s game night.


  1. Asmodee Jaipur
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Asmodee Jaipur is a fast-paced game that takes 30 minutes or less, perfect for a quick game. It blends together tactics, risk, and luck as the players pose as merchants who compete to show the Maharajah who can generate the most income. This game will encourage you to use your brain to outsmart your partner!


  1. Pandemic Legacy: Season 1

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Lovers of the original Pandemic will want to play this version of the popular game. Just like the original, players of Legacy must manage and cure the diseases that are taking out the world’s population, but now with an added twist.

The game takes place over a year, and each month brings new challenges. Once the new month starts, the game will provide instructions on what you will have to do. Sometimes you get to add new rules or introduces a new character. As you continue to play through the year, you must continue to incorporate the new rules.

Pandemic is extremely collaborative – the players must work together to cure the diseases and save the world – or face epidemics and elimination. It is the perfect Valentine’s Day game night game because it encourages conversation and adds a jolt of adrenaline to your relationship.


  1. Scrabble

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Our love for Scrabble is notorious – it is the perfect couple’s game night, in our humble opinion! Challenge your mind and your memory with this classic game that never gets old. If you need help beating your opponent, the trick is memorizing a few high-valued words, such as four-letter Z words, vowel-heavy words, or even words that have no vowels at all.


  1.  Akrotiri

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Akrotiri is one of the most beautifully designed games on this list. Built for just two players, it features bright and colorful tiles and wooden pieces that are high-quality. During the game, you are trying to slowly build up an ocean map filled with islands that hold various resources. You are the boat captain who retrieves and sells the resources to make money, which you can then use to build temples, which then allows you to make even more money. All the way, you have the chance to accomplish secret objectives. There is quite a bit of strategy involved in this game! 

Even though you are competing against your partner, it does not get overly intense. During most of the game, the players are focused on themselves and improving their own situation.


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