How To Host A Game Night With Friends

How To Host A Game Night With Friends

Hanging out with friends is always a laugh, but if you are tired of planning your regular get-togethers, game night is your answer! It is a great way to form bonds with both old friends and new and can help develop deeper connections than you might normally have.

Here are a few reasons why game nights are awesome:

  • You get to play! As adults, so much of our lives are consumed by work or making sure our children are well-cared for. Game night gives us a chance to go back to the playground and just have fun together for a night.
  • You get to laugh together. When we play games, we aren’t just laughing at something or someone, we are actually laughing together.
  • Everyone is on an even playing field. Regardless of whether you are learning new games or playing old ones, everyone is competing and able to play well.
  • You can think outside the box and getting outside of your comfort zone. Some games let you flex your creativity muscle and expand your mind in new and exciting ways. You might even get to play a game that puts you outside of your comfort zone, which might help get your adrenaline pumping.


If you are ready to host your first game night, but are unsure of how to plan a successful night, we have got you covered! Just follow our tips to a great game night and let the fun begin!


  • Find the right number of people. Unfortunately, game nights can be ruined by the number of people attending. If you have too many people, not everyone can participate at once, or it might take too long to get to their turn. Your guests might get bored and won’t be into the game… leading to a not as fun night!
  • Find the right space. You want to make sure you have a big enough space to fit everyone in, so they are comfortable. Many games require it to be played on a table or have a circular seating pattern, so before sending out the invites, consider if your space is big enough. Consider your crowd; if you don’t have any chairs or big enough table, would they be okay with sitting on the floor for an extending period? If they are okay with no chairs, make sure to have enough pillows to keep everyone comfortable and keep the group small! If not, having enough chairs around a big enough table is one of the keys to a successful game night.
  • Inviting a good crowd. It is important to find a group of friends who all know each other equally well. You don’t want to ask five best friends and then someone who is meeting them for the first time. The best friends will feel like they can’t be as crazy as usual, and the new person will feel a bit left out. Consider your friend group before sending out the invite.
  • Picking the right game. Now, this is one of the toughest choices you will have to make. What games will you play during the game night can help make or break the success of your game night. Depending on the crowd, a game like Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity might be a good way to get your guests jumping and talking. Or, if you have a more intellectual crowd that likes a sense of competition, Game of Thrones The Trivia Game might be more up your alley. One of our favorites to play is Scrabble because it not only challenges ourselves, it is so satisfying to finally win! If you need some extra help betting your opponents, here is a helpful list of words to memorize.
  • Prepare some tasty snacks. Having a variety of drinks and snacks is essential to a great game night. Having mindless snacks where people can munch on while playing, without having to get their hands dirty is essential. Having a snack like crisps, pretzels, or veggies with hummus are easy snacks to have on the side of your game table.
  • Good setting. Along with the right environment and tasty treats, you want to have a good ambiance during game night. Having a catchy music playlist can help get people in the right mood and keep their spirits high. Find a great list on Spotify or create one of your one with your favorite tunes.



Don’t get so caught up in hosting that you forget to have fun yourself! Good luck on a successful game night!

For all you Scrabble and game lovers out there, we hope these tips inspire you during your next game night or event. Want to show your love for Scrabble at your next game night? Check out our line of homemade Scrabble gifts!



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