Tasty Scrabble-Themed Desserts

Tasty Scrabble-Themed Desserts

Scrabble can be more than just a great game; it can be the inspiration for your desserts. These sweet treats can be a great addition to your game nights or new Scrabble-themed party you are having. Here are some of our favorite mouth-watering desserts.

Chocolate Scrabble Tiles

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This cute chocolate Scrabble is set is perfect for your loved one this Valentine’s day. To make these, you need to have an older set of tiles that are indented. If you or your friends don’t have one, you can sometimes find one on eBay. To learn how to make these tiles, check out Ann Reardon’s blog How To Cook That.

Scrabble Cakes

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If you have time, patience, and some baking skills, this cake is a must! Even though it is beautifully crafted, it is not as intimidating to make as you might think. For those who have a Scrabble-lover in their life who has a birthday coming up, become inspired by this cake. Find the full instructions on Mrs. Cumbs the Baker’s blog.


Scrabble Cookies 

While these cookies are Meyer Lemon Sugar flavored, you can use all recipe you want to make these cute cookies. This crafty mom even made these tile cookies regulation sized so you can play a round of Scrabble before eating them. Check out the full instructions on When Adobo Met Feijoada.

Edible Tiles Cookies

Not a big baker but still want a tasty snack? You can buy these cute love-themed snacks off Etsy! You can even choose a variety of flavors including vanilla, chocolate, and gingerbread. If you order now, you can get them in time for Valentine’s Day! Full details can be found on MrsBrownUK’s Etsy page.

Scrabble Shortbread Cookies 

Shortbread Scrabble Cookies

If your love language is baking, then this is yet another recipe for you! Think outside the chocolate box this Valentine’s day and become inspired by this moist shortbread cookies. However, you can spell anything you want and substitute shortbread for any cookie bar recipe you want. The full details can be found on Andie Mitchell‘s blog.

Scrabble Cupcakes

No matter what the occasion is, these Scrabble cupcakes are perfect. By adding icing letters to the top of your favorite flavor of cakes, you can bring a tasty treat that also brings fun to the party. Children and adults alike will enjoy rearranging the letters to make new words and building off existing words, or they can simply enjoy a sweet snack! The recipe and instructions to make these cute Scrabble cupcakes can be found on crave. indulge. satisty.‘s blog.

Scrabble Cake With Edible Tile Bag

Another adorable Scrabble cake! It goes above and beyond by adding in edible tiles, edible tile racks, and even an edible tile bag! The colors and size of the tiles are so on point, it almost is unrecognizable as a cake. If you want some inspiration, head to the Sweet Things blog to see how she did it.


For all you Scrabble and dessert lovers out there, we hope these pictures and recipes inspire you during your next game night or event. If you are making the cake for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, or retirement party, check out our line of homemade Scrabble gifts! 

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