#TileTipThursday 7 Letter Words that Have Lots of Vowels

#TileTipThursday 7 Letter Words that Have Lots of Vowels

Vowels are an essential part of any scrabble game. 42 of the 100 Scrabble tiles are vowels, and sometimes it might seem like the other thing on your rack is vowels. If you want to get some big points to dominate your opponent, for this Tile Tip Thursday, we have compiled a list of 7 letter words that are vowel heavy. Some of these words are worth up to 18 points, and if you are able to play your tiles right, that could land you some major points if you can place the word on a triple word spot. While you don’t have to memorize the definitions, we have included them anyway.

Aboulia n. an absence of willpower (9 points)

Acequia n. an irrigation ditch or canal (18 points)

Aecidia n. an aecium (10 points)

Aeneous adj. having a greenish gold color (7 points)  

Aeolian adj. deposited or eroded by the wind (7 points) 

Aeonian adj. deposited or eroded by the wind (7 points)

Aerobia n. an organism that lives only in the presence of oxygen (9 points)

Alienee n. one to whom property is transferred (7 points)

Amoebae n. a unicellular microscopic organism (11 points)

Anaemia n. a disorder of the blood (9 points)

Aquaria n. a plural of aquarium (16 points)

Aqueous adj. pertaining to water (16 points)

Areolae n. a small space in a network of leaf veins (7 points)

Aureate adj. of a golden color or brilliance (7 points)

Aureola n. a halo (7 points)

Aureole verb to surround with a halo (7 points)

Aurorae n. the rising light of morning (7 points)

Couteau n. a knife (9 points)

Epinaoi n. a rear vestibule (9 points)

Eucaine n. an anesthetic (9 points)

Eugenia n. a tropical evergreen tree (8 points)

Eulogia n. a blessing (8 points)

Eupnoea n. alternative spelling of eupnea, normal breathing (9 points)

Evacuee n. one that is evacuated (12 points)

Exuviae n. the molted covering of an animal (17 points)

Ipomoea n. a flowering plant (11 points)

Miaoued verb to meow (10 points)

Nouveau adj. modern or up to date (10 points)  

Oogonia n. a female sexual organ in certain algae and fungi (8 points)

Ouabain n. a cardiac stimulant (9 points)

Ouguiya n. a monetary unit of Mauritania (11 points)

Rouleau n. a roll of coins wrapped in paper (7 points)

Sequoia n. a large evergreen tree (16 points)

Taeniae n. a tapeworm (7 points)

Uraemia n. an abnormal condition of the blood (9 points)

Zooecia n. a sac secreted and lived in by an aquatic organism (18 points)


If you really want to dominate your opponent, here is a list of six-letter words, or words that have no vowels. Happy playing!

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