Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Scrabble Words that start with P, Q, R, S, T

Vowel-Heavy Six-Letter Scrabble Words that start with P, Q, R, S, T

Scrabble winners say that the key to their success is their ability to memorize lists upon lists of words. The ability to see a jumble of words, and turn them into points is what sets mediocre players apart from champions. Have you been playing and losing? Take a few minutes each day to learn a few more words. For our #TileTipThursday, we are continuing our list of vowel-heavy words that have six letters.

Paleae n. a small bract (8 points)

Peerie n. a beverage of pear juice often fermented (8 points)

Peewee n. an unusually small person or thing (11 points)

Pereia n. the thorax of some crustaceans (8 points)

Quaere n. a question (15 points)

Qualia n. a property considered apart from things having the property (15 points)

Queued verb to line up (16 points)  

Queuer n. one that queues (15 points)

Queues verb to line up (15 points)

Quinoa n. a weedy plant (15 points)

Realia n. objects used by a teacher to illustrate everyday living (6 points)

Rediae n. the larva of certain flatworms (7 points)

Reseau n. a filter screen for making color films (6 points)

Roadeo n. a competition for truck drivers (7 points)

Roadie n. a person who works for traveling entertainers (7 points)

Rookie n. a novice (10 points)

Roomie n. a roommate (8 points)

Soiree n. an evening party (6 points)

Souari n. a tropical tree (6 points)

Taenia n. a tapeworm (6 points)

Teepee n. a conical tent of some Native Americans (8 points)

Teniae n. a tapeworm (6 points)

Tibiae n. a bone of the leg (8 points)

Toupee n. a wig worn to cover a bald spot (8 points)


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