Vowel-Heavy Words With 8 Letters

Vowel-Heavy Words With 8 Letters

Memorizing lists and lists of words is what sets an high-scoring Scrabble player apart from the rest. For this Tile Tip Thursday, we have created a list of words that you might not ever be lucky enough to play, but if you do, it will surely help you on your way to victory.  Every word contains eight letters and can help you earn upwards of 19 points. While the definitions aren’t necessary for you to memorize, we have included them just in case!

Aboideau n. a type of dike (11 points)

Aboulias n. an absence of willpower (10 points)

Acequias n. an irrigation ditch or canal (19 points)

Alienees n. one to whom property is transferred (8 points)

Anaemias n. a disorder of the blood (10 points)

Aureolae n. a halo (8 points)

Aureolas n. a halo (8 points)

Aureoled verb to surround with a halo (9 points)  

Aureoles n. to surround with a halo (8 points)  

Couteaux n. a knife (17 points)

Epopoeia n. an epic poem (12 points)

Eucaines n. an anesthetic (10 points)

Eugenias n. a tropical evergreen tree (9 points)

Eulogiae n. holy bread (9 points)  

Ipomoeas n. a flowering plant (12 points)

Oogonium n. a female sexual organ in certain algae and fungi

Ouabains n. a cardiac stimulant (10 points)

Ouguiyas n. a monetary unit of Mauritania (12 points)

Rouleaus n. a roll of coins wrapped in paper (8 points)

Rouleaux n. a roll of coins wrapped in paper (15 points)

Sequoias n. large evergreen trees (17 points)

Uraemias n. an abnormal condition of the blood (10 points)


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