About us

Who Are We?

At Rujo Handmade, we design gifts because we understand that everyone – from the youngest to the eldest – wants to feel appreciated. This knowledge is exactly why our handmade gift range is so diverse.

Our Process

Hours of our time is spent designing gifts for your loved ones; mum, dad, granpa and nan. We even build thoughtful presents for your siblings every now and then. Then, we work on putting that design into motion. Our frames are hand-made and made to order with you in mind. This is a delicate process which allows us to use the upmost care for each and every item that we produce.

The rest of our time is spent wrapping the gifts in love. All of our products come in a carefully curated box, complete with a bow on top. This means that you can send your present with a click of the button and it will be ready for your chosen recipient – no middle man required.

Our Design

It all starts and ends with personalisation. Our quotes are far from generic ‘happy birthday’ cards or empty wishes of joy but are instead highly personal for the people that we love. This is because we’ve designed them with you in our minds; our customers. Remember: the most valued part of our company is you.

Why choose us?

Our products are designed to fit perfectly in any family room. Each of our five-star-frames has a clean and simple design backed up with a meaningful quote. They’re stylish products that speak the language of love. Thankfully, our customers agree with us. Our simplistically gorgeous gift frames have gone down brilliantly with everyone we’ve had the pleasure of creating for! We have no doubt in our mind that you’ll have the same expeirence and hope to see you in our journey.

Rujo Handmade