Handmade 70th Birthday Gifts for Women

Handmade 70th Birthday Gifts for Women



Want to buy 70th birthday gifts for women? Well, you need to think of something that would be there with her till the end. Hunt something special from our store and have a good time shopping our exciting and creative gifts. We have an entire section which is dedicated to these gifts; you can shop easily without having to go out anywhere. We even offer perfect gift wrapping, so that the appearance of the gift is superb. Every 70 year old lady needs to be showered with love and be pampered with our handmade collection. Give her a queen like feeling and make her realize how our present can make her birthday brilliant.

70th Birthday Gifts For Women

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  • HANDMADE & THE PERFECT WOMEN’S BIRTHDAY GIFT: Instead of going with the standard card or gift, this and doubles as both! And unlike the usual mass produced funny 70th birthday gifts, each of our women’s 70th birthday gifts are handmade and simply a wonderful treat that your recipient will cherish forever
  • FANTASTIC WORKMANSHIP AND QUALITY: If you are thinking of 70th birthday gift ideas, you’re in good hands! All of our 70th birthday presents are made by hand from the highest quality materials, with solid, premium wood and fantastic, clear 70th birthday text print. Each and every one is lovingly packaged and ready to delight
  • MADE WITH LOVE BY A LOCAL COMPANY: As a UK company we like to give back – that’s why we employ those who have to work from home for reasons of disability, age, single parenthood and they are a great bunch! So by buying from us, you’re buying British AND making a positive difference in somebody’s life!
  • EXTRA FAST DELIVERY: Each one of our happy 70th birthday gifts are Prime Eligible and safely stored at Amazons fulfillment warehouse, ready to go out the second you order. You won’t ever have to worry about our 70th birthday gifts for him or her making it on time!
  • TOTAL MONEY BACK SUPPORT: As a brand that prides itself on customer support, we make sure that each and every customer has an amazing buying experience with us. That’s why we offer a FULL money back refund to cover you if you have any problems or issues with your men’s / ladies 80th birthday gifts, no questions asked

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