Forty is Only 11 in Scrabble | Funny 40th Birthday Gifts

Forty is Only 11 in Scrabble | Funny 40th Birthday Gifts


– The Perfect Funny 40th Birthday Present
– Personal Handmade Gift Idea
– Versatile Home Decor Design

– Made Locally in the UK
– Fast and Free Delivery for All UK Customers
– No-Questions-Asked 60 Day Return


"Forty is Only 11 in Scrabble" 40th Birthday Present

Gift Details

Is your friend’s 40th birthday coming up? Are you going to a loved one’s 40th birthday party and are in need of some personal gift ideas? We’ve got you covered! We have gifts that are not only perfect for the person of honour but we have gifts that are especially for people celebrating their 40th birthday! Our in-house team handmade this lovely picture frame to brighten up your day with it’s humorous message and quirky design. It’s funny, entertaining and a great conversation piece. Consequently, it’s a perfect gift for a loved one!

The frame reads, “Forty is only 11 in Scrabble.”

Features & Details of Our 40th Birthday Gifts

  • WE CHOOSE OVER QUANTITY, EVERY TIME: We build 40th birthday gifts that stand the test of time (and the duress of standing proudly in your living room). Our quality is unbeatable. Our design process is second to none. In fact, our only aim with this gift is to make your loved one feel appreciated and happy.
  • WE’RE LOCAL AND PROUD: We are an in-house, family run business which means that every one of our five star frames are made right here in the UK. Not only does that mean that we’re dedicated to our customers, but we’re also gift givers ourselves!
  • WE UNDERSTAND HOME DECOR: Our in house-team creates presents designed to put a smile on your recipient’s face and a touch of magic in their home. All of our designs are clean, fuss-free works of art that display like a dream.
  • WE LOVE YOUR UNPUT: Do you have some questions about our 40th birthday gifts? Message us! We value our customers above all and are adamant that you remain happy.

We love to give back so, delivery is always fast and free within the UK. On top of that, we have a no-questions-asked 60 day return. Yes, seriously.


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